Tips for Safe Taxi Rides in Vietnam

Tips for Safe Taxi Rides in Vietnam
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1. Vinasun was okay. Mai Linh was dishonest to us in Danang so we avoided it altogether.

2. Bring a smartphone with GPS (there’s free GPS in Vietnam–no need for wifi). Research directions of where you want to go prior to getting on the taxi. Use the GPS function to see whether you’re being driven the right way or just to indirectly let your driver know that you’re not an naive tourist they can cheat. 

3. Use tripadvisor app to help you locate sites

4. When entering the car, snap a photo of the driver’s license, meter, contact information just in case you need to file a complaint after

Taxi in Vietnam

Taxi in Vietnam

5. Research ways in which taxis can scam you–be an informed traveler to avoid it! Almost all the taxis we took cheated us by:

a. telling us to pay for toll (when we shouldn’t have to)

b. pretending to be lost to take us to a restaurant to get commission

c. driving unneccessarily slow (do they get charged for the time?)

d. trying to sell us on unnecessary tour packages

6. If you happen to have a good and honest driver, ask for their card to call them again. It’s rare!

Taxi in Vietnam

Taxi in Vietnam

7. Drivers in Vietnam do not obey traffic law. Ask them not to pass double lines–it is unsafe for you as well as people on the road

8. if your drivers is honest and good, encourage and thank them for being honest and tip them well. It’s a great way to change the culture.

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